Most area families use a gas heater powered by efficient, inexpensive, and abundant natural gas. When they are having problems with a gas heater, you can depend on the 24 hour heating repair service offered by Mathew's Air Comfort Solutions. Have questions about your heating and air, Corpus Christi? We've got the answers below:


  • Pilot Lights
  • Irregular Heating
  • No Heat


Pilot Lights

Pilot lights are small flames that should always burn blue in the furnace. When the furnace kicks on, gas begins to flow to the burners, the pilot light is what ignites the gas to produce a flame. A pilot light going out is a very common problem, and can happen for a variety of reasons. A strong fan can sometimes blow a pilot light out, but dust and lint are the usual culprits. Blow firmly on the pilot light area to remove any dust buildup, then use a long kitchen match to relight the pilot.

If this does not work, the pilot light may be set too low. The adjustment should be set for a pilot light of 2 inches. If the setting is correct and the flame still won't light, check the nut on the thermocouple that the flame comes from to make sure it is tight. If the pilot still will not light, you may need a a furnace repair specialist. 
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24 hours a day.

Irregular Heating

Sometimes a gas furnace that is in need of repair will seem to cut on and off irregularly. Rather than staying on until the building reaches the desired temperature, the furnace will turn off early, then turn back on. These irregular heating cycles prevent the building from becoming properly heated, and can also wear out the other components of the furnace quicker than they would normally wear.  This is a common heating and air problem Corpus Christi residents regularly report.

Start by checking the air filer to see if it is dirty. If so, you will need to replace it. If you have replaced the air filter and the problem continues, the most likely cause is a clogged blower. Clean the blower to remove all dirt and debris. Also, lubricate the blower and the motor with small engine oil, dripped into the oil port. This will be a small hole on top of the motor that is clearly labeled for 3:1 engine oil. If you've changed the filters and cleaned and lubricated the blower and are still having problems with your heat call (361) 853-6265 24 hours a day for Corpus Christi heating repair.

No Heat

A number of issues can cause a gas furnace to produce no heat. If your furnace fails to heat, start by checking the breaker box to make sure nothing has tripped. Even though it is a gas furnace, the blower motor requires electricity, and a tripped breaker will cause it to stop functioning.  This is another common heating and air problem Corpus Christi residents regularly report.

Next, check the gas control valve leading to the furnace. Make sure the control valve is opened all the way so that there is an unrestricted flow of gas to the furnace. If the gas is running and the furnace still does not work, check to make sure the pilot light is lit. If none of these correct the problem, then the problem is most likely the thermostat. Replace the thermostat to correct the problem.  Call (361) 853-6265 24 hours a day for a qualified Corpus Christi heating repair specialist.